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night city night city

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This is pretty amazing work. I love the detail you put in the lighting from the windows and between the buildings. Did you come up with the technique for illustrating buildings like this yourself, or did you learn it from another source? It would be pretty handy to know more about how to use the technique you used here.

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Relative Tranquility Relative Tranquility

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Overall, pretty nice.

I recognize a few of the filter effects, but not enough to discern how this might have been made to look so nice. The only part I don't care too much for is gray blotch on upper portion of the sphere. Although it could probably be resolved by playing with the hue/saturation enough.

The background is a nice touch as well.

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MarshmallowGherkin responds:

To tell you the truth, this was one of the first digital artworks I made, and thus was part of the whole "click filters and get neat effects" stage of my art method. Still, through some fluke (and hopefully, a tiny smidge of skill on my part), this wonderful work was born. There's probably a great deal of things that could be improved, but frankly I'm happy enough with this one as is. :)
Plenty of other things I've made which I have, or wish to, redo. :P

Thanks for the kind words and helpful review, at any rate!

Shark Psychosis Shark Psychosis

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Certainly an intriguing subject matter.

This piece is certainly unusual in my books. I like what you've done with the textures in this image. It reminds me a bit of oil paints or a water based medium of some sort. Was this done using Photoshop filters at all? The image seems to have a bit of a artistic filter feel to it, which in this case is nice.

Overall, you did a nice job on this. Although, the eyes could perhaps use a little touching up to bring them out a little more from the background.

Luis Luis

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nicely captured emotions.

Personally, I seldom use "action drawing" styles of art like this. My tendency is to make everything very crisp and precise as I can. However, I find the use of this sort of style by other artists to be quite enjoyable to view when they do it as nicely as you have.

You've done a very nice job capturing and localizing the emotion of this scene in the figure's face. I also like how you did the shading on this. It really brings the composition together well in my opinion. The only issue that sticks out for me with this image is the way you did the highlights on the knuckles. For some reason the highlights there seem to draw attention away from other areas of the composition with how they seem a little "broken up" compared to other highlights.

The highlights on the torso are a bit similar, but it doesn't detracts nearly as much from the image as a whole since the color of those highlights is so similar to the base color of the torso.

Overall, I love the image though.

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